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How Much Action Did The Project Get?

The group action project was a test in our ability to wrangle our ambitions to convey the relationship between food and public health into a tangible event. One could say we were successful in so far as we put together an event. One could also say we were unsuccessful in fulfilling a larger purpose with our project, as was my… Read more »

Reflective Learning Through Contextualising

Interactive learning is without a doubt integral to the ability of a student to be pro-active, not only in their own learning, but in relating it to their life more broadly. It is easy to see that this is the goal of the contemplative practices undertaken in class. Especially in a course that focuses on the human impact on, both… Read more »

Branding Consumption: The Market for What We Eat

The integration of food and the economic market has made for an interesting paradigm within global food systems. To this end, food systems revealed themselves to be a more complex interaction between people and their environment (economic, ecological, or otherwise). Though I did not agree with all of Michael Pollan’s arguments throughout Part III, or the whole book for that… Read more »