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Reflection on Action Projects

The Group action projects were an eventful, sometimes hard, yet worthwhile exercise. The thing that was most beneficial was learning about the local public health organizations and what they did, “Healthy King County” and “Food Coalition Washington” were two great organizations. Food Coalition of Washington even had a legislative agenda and goals that will be useful for enacting and advocating… Read more »

Contemplative practices: Connecting Political Ecology/Economy with pop culture

Contemplative practices have been a useful part of my learnings in this class. They have been useful for me to think back on what we have learned in the class and reflect on it and what it means to the world at large and connect ideas. One of the things that sometimes happens during the contemplative practices is my mind… Read more »

Michael Pollen: Is your food Bad or boujee?

Michael Pollen’s book In Defense of Food, and Nutritionalism at large, have always had a bit of affluent or bougie undertones but the end of this book amplified that undertone to an overtone. The book ends with a third act that is all about getting over Nutritionalism and eating better and thus a healthier life. The “Pay more, Eat Less”… Read more »