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Group Division of Labor: An Insight Into the Global Hunger Debate

Through our group action project, I learned that individual strengths can lead to divisions of labor that are sometimes hard to equalize. I feel this way because I realized that my shortcomings as an organizer and the limits of my time resulted in a less equal contribution than I would have normally expected of myself. I tried to make up… Read more »

Petrol for…Raisins…

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Contemplation and self-reflection are not unusual for me. However, food is not something that I have dedicated a great deal of thought to. I tend to be very functional in my approach to what I eat, regarding it simply as fuel. Recently, during a guided contemplation regarding our industrialized food system that employed the particularly mindful enjoyment of a single… Read more »

Health Awaits Those Who Can Pay

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Michael Pollan paints a comprehensive and convincing picture of the industrialized food system with his book “In Defense of Food”. However, despite his references to economic determinism, “Thousands of plant and animal varieties have fallen out of commerce…as industrial agriculture has focused its attention on…high yielding (and usually patented) varieties” (116); he offers no tangible or actionable solutions to the… Read more »