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The Accountability We Ultimately Must Bear

Many college students may feel disconnected with the topic of trade because of their perceived inability to influence it. However, our project demonstrates that there are many ways, in which students can get involved locally to influence this global issue. Specifically, we utilized a forum in the format of a podcast to proliferate the knowledge we gained in our discussions… Read more »

Contemplation on Anti-immigration Rhetoric and Cheap Food

Racial discrimination is an issue that most people thought withered away especially with prominent events like the election of our first African-American president. However, events of recency have demonstrated that these movements are not dead, rather they have caught a second wind. The Color of Food by Raj Patel demonstrates that this discrimination has expanded into U.S. agriculture system in… Read more »

Examining the relationship between modern farming techniques and disease incidence

The Australian Aborigines experiment from Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food peeked my interest due to its findings and its connections to my background in biology. The basis of the experiment was to isolate recently westernized Aborigines with type 2 diabetes into an area away from western civilization. This coerced the relocated Aborigines to rely on foraging to obtain food,… Read more »