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Final Takeaways: Contemplation and Complexity

I think the greatest takeaway from this past quarter is that our food system is really very complex and worth contemplating! This was the first quarter that I encountered systems thinking applied to any topic, and my learning about this way of thinking was reinforced by an overlap of this topic with my ENVIR 300 course (Analysis of Environmental Cases)…. Read more »

The Mechanical and Living Origins of Stinging Nettle Pesto (Recipe Attached)

For the past several years, I have made cooking and reflecting on eating a mindful practice. When I have time to cook I typically reflect on the process, flavors, smells, and textures. I isolate my perception to what is directly in front of me. Several weeks ago, however, I contemplated a concept introduced in class as I prepared a batch… Read more »

Unacknowledged Victims of the Industrial Food System: A Critique of “In Defense of Food”

Our food’s tendency to diminish human and environmental health is clearly and evidently tied to the industrialization of its production and the resulting change in the way we view our food: as something to be quantified. Nutritionism plays a significant role in the failing health of our population and a return to the tradition, culture, and joy of eating can… Read more »