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Putting the Present Second – A Contemplative Practice

Why are we as human beings obsessed with the idea of making the most out of the present? There are numerous idioms about “living in the moment” and “making the most out of your time” that convey warm sentiments, but as a society we’ve taken them too literally. In fact, we’re “living in the moment” so much that there might… Read more »

To Whom do Local farmers Make Food?

When we think about hunger in the world, we imagine the lack of food. The video “Silent Killer: The Unfinished Campaign Against Hunger” tells us the other reason of world hunger. In Brazil, enough amount of food is produced to feed all people in Brazil. However many people cannot get enough food to live and are facing to hunger. The… Read more »

Living on Top of the Past – Contemplative Practice

It is obvious that people once lived in a very different way than we currently live now, but it is easy to become oblivious to that. Through industrialization, we only physically see current developments, and we see developments of the past through photographs, museums, etc. We see black and white photos, and it seems that color didn’t exist back then…. Read more »

Impacts of Contemplative Chocolate

One of the classes contemplative practice that impacted me the most was the contemplative practice around chocolate. In America when we think of chocolate we think of a sweet smooth snack. However, the original cocoa nib is extremely bitter, and has a gritty texture. While tasting the cocoa nib for the first time, Professor Liftin played a video about the… Read more »