A Global Experiment

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We are protected, but not by much.  Surrounding the earth’s atmosphere is a thin blue layer that protects use from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun and from the various threats from outer space.  The health of our ozone is dependent upon our decisions that we make down on the surface of our planet.  We have seen the responses from such decisions as refrigeration methods  for our foods and the CFC’s that are released that have caused detrimental impacts upon the ozone and the temperature of our planet.  It’s inevitably up to us to find solutions to prolong the effectiveness of our global protection.  We have seen success in coming together as a people by creating international treaties to reduce the amounts of greenhouse gases and chemicals into the atmosphere to protect the ozone, but unfortunately it seems that it may be too little too late.

The emotions I have toward these consequences are mostly surrounded by feelings of guilt and hopelessness.  I feel guilty toward the people that are being affected the most by our decisions, people that are the least responsible for  the mounting problems of climate change.  We learned that the United States alone is responsible for four times the global average of greenhouse gases, creating an imbalance of consequences for those that are responsible and for those that are not.  This urges me to try and find a solution, not a global one, but one within myself.  I search for ways and everyday decisions that I can make that can create just the smallest difference on this planet, to leave it in better shape than from when I entered it.  It’s an important concept to consider this planet an experiment.  We have invited billions of guests into this experiment and we have to find ways to collaborate between each other to create a healthy future for the many that have yet to participate.

Picture Source: http://indianapublicmedia.org/amomentofscience/files/2016/03/amos_atmos-940×626.jpg

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