Do Your Part, Help Save The World

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Climate Change is a heavily discussed and debated topic, especially in recent years. With terms frequently used throughout this course such as global warming, greenhouse gases, fuel emissions, and much more, it is clear that there is a serious problem occurring as I write this. While this topic is heavily discussed, seldom people are taking appropriate action to change the current course of the globe. The United States emits about 4 times more greenhouse gasses in comparison to other countries, which goes to show that us Americans need to check back into reality and put our planet first. It is selfish for us as a country to produce absurd amounts of gases into the globe, knowing that it is not only effecting our own citizens, but people all across the world. In Lesson 7, we learned that the agriculture business will be among those most effected by global warming, yet they have done almost nothing to contribute to the damage being done. The people doing the damage are those that will be least affected, which explains why change is happening so slowly and why so many people do not care enough about global warming.

The change requires stricter policies to be put in place that will benefit the environment, but the change starts with us as individuals. Taking certain steps to limit our food waste, decrease our ecological footprint, etc. will make a huge difference if everyone contributes. Cooperation among society members is vital in order to help save our planet.

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