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Eating a Chocolate

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Unlike other assignments where I had to focus and concentrate, the contemplative practices were about taking a step back to see where I stand from the world. If I must pick one among all, the third lesson with the video clip of Ivory Coast Cocoa Farmers was the most memorable contemplative practice for me. Chocolate is one of the most… Read more »

Anthropocene- Time to Clean Up

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Many people care about keeping their house clean. We always think of ways to improve our quality of our home. People care about what is happening in their house. Most of us would be offended if someone came into our homes and made a mess. In the film, Anthropocene, watching the Earth from outer space allowed us to stop, take… Read more »

Planting a Seed of Truth

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Consciously or unconsciously, science, like a religion, requires a leap of faith to be allowed to guide our life. In the case of food culture, the public has been blinded by food science; what we really need is the nutrients in the food, not necessarily the real food, which is our current epidemic ideology, called nutritionism. In In Defense of… Read more »