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The Guilt in our Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate

We seldom think about where our food comes from. We enjoy chocolate because of its sweetness, its rich flavor, and its overall appeal as our guilty pleasure. What we fail to realize is the hard work that goes into the chocolate-making process. This makes me reflect on how we abuse animals for our personal consumption. In this story; however, the… Read more »

Eating a Chocolate

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Unlike other assignments where I had to focus and concentrate, the contemplative practices were about taking a step back to see where I stand from the world. If I must pick one among all, the third lesson with the video clip of Ivory Coast Cocoa Farmers was the most memorable contemplative practice for me. Chocolate is one of the most… Read more »

Chocolate…it’s Bittersweet

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Chocolate has gotten somewhat of a bad rap recently and deservedly so.  But if chocolate demands and/or prices shifted and children were no longer forced to harvest cocoa, would the majority of them return to school or continue working doing something else?  I think it is a fair question to ask when trying to determine just how much blame the… Read more »

The High Price of Chocolate

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In week 3, we discussed how chocolate gets from the cacao farms on the Ivory Coast, to the neatly packaged commodity that we all know and love. As images of children, taken from their families as slave laborers, were shown performing the difficult tasks of harvesting cacao beans, my heart sank. As we learned that farmers, who are underpaid, had… Read more »