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The final week of the class has addressed the topic of many things that I would have considered to be, “hippie stuff.” Before moving to Washington State back in ’09, I grew up in a poor white family living on government assistance, food was whatever came to the table, whatever the most that could be had with food stamps was. We couldn’t afford to be picky, but I did however grow up with my grandfather growing a garden in his back yard, we just to have fresh seasonal vegetables every time we went to his house. Still, the word organic was a foreign concept to me, growing up on the East Coast of Virginia. This lesson reminded me just how far I have come thanks to my education. I am now able to speak more eloquently and be aware of world issues, including the issues of food sovereignty, the world food system, and much more of the “hippie” food movements that have sprung up in the world. What my grandfather was doing was take his own food sovereignty somewhat into his hands by maintaining his own garden….that and he had to feed the 8 kids of my dads generation. This class will allow me to put forth the knowledge that I have, and use it to help protect my children, and teach them as well, so they will not grow up eating as I did, but eat a more healthy, informed diet. Its been a tough course, on to the next! Cheers!

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