Climate Complexity

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I found it hard to connect with the last four contemplative practices with the exception of week 7, Climate Complexity.

It felt good to just sit and take a deep breath. As I sat on my couch listening to this practice, I focused on my breathing, calming my overwhelming sense of stress as of late.

This cartoon is a great example of all the inter-workings of Climate Change and its affects on the world.

Climate change is a big topic, we can clearly see the effects it is having on our daily lives, yet so many believe that it “all in God’s plan” versus and actually effect of the way we have been treating our environment. Temperature is rising, droughts are more prevalent, and the cost for commodities are increasing.

Climate change has always been something that I knew was an issue not only for my generation but for generations to come. The more change that we could implement now the better it would be for our environment, yet I see little to no change taking place.

What is keeping the governments from around the world from realizing the very real impact that deforestation is having on our environment? I would think that they would encourage the removal of Palm Oil from so many ingredients as causes a majority of the deforestation around the world.

It is unfortunate that most people will never take the time to realize their individual impact on climate change let alone the bigger impact that our consumer culture is making.

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