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Climate Complexity

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I found it hard to connect with the last four contemplative practices with the exception of week 7, Climate Complexity. It felt good to just sit and take a deep breath. As I sat on my couch listening to this practice, I focused on my breathing, calming my overwhelming sense of stress as of late. Climate change is a big… Read more »

A Stressful Process

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I have spent weeks working on my Food Solutions Research Paper. Every-time I thought I was getting somewhere, the feedback I would receive would change my direction yet again. Now having completed the process and as I contemplate posting my paper, I find myself continuously rereading it, asking myself it I have done enough. Finding a specific solution was probably… Read more »

Soil, Water and Seed

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Unless you are a gardener it might be hard to image the impact that soil, water, and seeds have on the environment.  Seeds could not serve their purpose without the help of soil and water. This trio is the key to the longevity of the human civilization.  As a consumer ridden society that is overwhelmed by the need to buy… Read more »

Hungry Planet; the US and Ecuador

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Comparing photos from Peter Menzel’s Hungry Planet, of both affluent and developing countries, I was instantly disturbed by the obvious differences between the United States and Ecuador. Both countries clearly differ when it comes to sustainability, wealth, and resources. In Ecuador we see food laid out on the floor of the cooking house, a bag of grains, a bag of… Read more »


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Chocolate most commonly is found in dark, milk, and white varieties, each with its own unique flavor, and most people have their own preferences as to what they like best.  For me it’s all about milk chocolate, especially when it accompanies peanut butter, and that could be ice cream or the coveted Reese’s peanut butter cups.  Chocolate is a commodity I have apparently taken for granted over… Read more »

Water Matters

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It amazes me how much freshwater is embedded within almost every commodity we produce. The products in the below diagram from, What does virtual water conceal, are all mass produced throughout the world. They are common in most people’s daily lives.  Our water foot print is tied directly to our state’s economic structure. Our water footprint changes everyday not only individually… Read more »