How We Take Exotic Foods for Granted

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International trade allows us access to fruits, vegetables, spices, and much more from other countries around the world. There are so many foods in our markets, grocery stores, and restaurants that we take for granted. The number of resources, work, travel, etc. that goes into producing goods elsewhere and bringing them to the United States is not noticed by many of those who use the products and eat the food.

Before this week’s lesson, I would not have thought that my breakfast would be considered “exotic”, but there is only one ingredient in my breakfast that would be considered a local and non-exotic ingredient and that is the eggs grown just outside of Seattle that I get from the farmer’s market. My bananas, tea, avocados, and coconut oil (all used in my meals in the morning) are from various countries including Mexico, China, and Africa.

We should all pay more attention to where our food is coming from and what goes into getting it to us. Who is working to make sure your produce grows well? Who packages your produce? How is the product shipped? How long is the process between when the produce is harvested and when you eat it?

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