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Should we Stop Eating Almonds?

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The water crisis in India raises concerns of global climate change endangering not only the availability of water for consumption, but also for agricultural and infrastructure use. Prevalent coal power plants in India rely on water to generate steam for electricity, water needed for concrete for infrastructure, and reservoirs are running dry. Things have gotten so bad that farmers have… Read more »

If Chocolate Was Gone…

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What would it be like if you never ate another piece of chocolate? Would your life be any less meaningful? Would you still be able to find happiness? Or would you not be able to continue living if you couldn’t stop at the convenience store to pick up your favorite chocolate snack while filling your car with gas? I don’t… Read more »

How We Take Exotic Foods for Granted

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International trade allows us access to fruits, vegetables, spices, and much more from other countries around the world. There are so many foods in our markets, grocery stores, and restaurants that we take for granted. The number of resources, work, travel, etc. that goes into producing goods elsewhere and bringing them to the United States is not noticed by many of… Read more »

The Utility of the Cocoa Bean

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The contemplative practice that I found to be most inspiring was the one about cocoa beans and chocolate. In this practice, we thought about where the beans come from and the process that is used to get the beans to facilities to make the sweet snack that we consume often. Thinking about the work it takes to get to grow… Read more »