Insights on a Hungry Planet

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Our world is filled with various cultures and each culture has cuisine that is a representative of their norms, behaviors, and other feat that would mark how one might consume food. In my paper, I compared the food of a US family and that of a Bhutanese family. In the US family, there was an abundance of imported food that come in packaging. This indicated that there are various industries that exist to provide the family with the food that it needs. This is different for the Bhutanese family, where most of the food involved produce and homegrown grains. The difference in the diet of the two families is evident of the lifestyle that each family has. In that manner, it is important to understand the variety of diet that is an influence of society. A diet that involves a lot of packaging goes to show the abundance of trade and the commercialization of the food industry. This is true for the family in the United States. However, a diet that involves an abundance of homegrown food goes to show that local industries are thriving. These comparisons are important because of how they tell so much about how people live. It also shows the dynamics involved in understanding a hungry planet.



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