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A Life of Embracing Vegetation

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My research paper focused on finding a solution in mitigating the dependency on meat production in the global food production. The problem with animal agriculture is that it uses an enormous amount of our natural resources and creates a high level of greenhouse-gas emissions. Meat production uses a vast amount of water, crops and land. The animals being raised for food create a large amount of… Read more »

Is Water Truly a Privilege or a Right?

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In the world that we live in, many science books state that 71 percent of the world is covered with water. The problem here is why is there scarcity? The reality of our water content in the world is that only a small portion of it can be readily accessed by people, and this is the problem that we must… Read more »

Fertilizer and the Future

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(source: The reality of fertilizer is that while it supports our food systems in the world, it can contribute even more to the pollution. The byproduct and the production itself of fertilizer contribute much to the carbon foot print of the world. The ecological condition that exists involves the climate impact of food and the overall function of the… Read more »

Insights on a Hungry Planet

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(source:​ Our world is filled with various cultures and each culture has cuisine that is a representative of their norms, behaviors, and other feat that would mark how one might consume food. In my paper, I compared the food of a US family and that of a Bhutanese family. In the US family, there was an abundance of imported… Read more »

The Guilt in our Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate

We seldom think about where our food comes from. We enjoy chocolate because of its sweetness, its rich flavor, and its overall appeal as our guilty pleasure. What we fail to realize is the hard work that goes into the chocolate-making process. This makes me reflect on how we abuse animals for our personal consumption. In this story; however, the… Read more »

What We Eat Affects the World Around Us

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  (Source: The meat industry has continuously grown into a highly commercialized one. In fact, it is amazing that the cruelty continues to be treated as a norm as animals are harvested just to satiate human desires. The Anthropocene makes a good point in theorizing the trend of global impact, especially based on human growth and human behavior. One… Read more »

The Sustainability of Food that We Miss

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Food is one of the basic needs of everyone. The problem here is when food becomes so integrated into the industrialized process, people forget to understand the ethics behind what they are doing. While I appreciate how the industrialization process as an important notion in providing for the many, I feel that the process on animals is very inhumane because… Read more »