Nutrition – Complex or Simple?

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For me, the biggest take away here is the vast amount of misinformation surrounding food and nutrition. We as a society are so wrapped up with the latest diet fads, all in an effort to lose weight quickly or look a certain way, and yet we don’t even realize by following that path, we’re basically feeding ourselves nonsensical artificial foods which are ultimately adding to the problem and not fixing anything. In addition, major food corporations and the food industry as a whole is solely motivated by profit, not quality of product, and so there’s a major disconnect between business and consumer. How can we expect to be healthy and live long lives if we’re regularly depriving ourselves of real, much needed nutrients on a regular basis, all the while consuming so called vitamin-enriched foods that have added nutrients which our body hardly absorbs anyway. The entire business of food is so convoluted these days, pharmaceutical companies are profiting off of the illnesses and diseases being perpetuated by all the extreme malnutrition, providing drugs as fixes, rather than addressing the problem at its core.

Simply eating whole foods and working easy, basic techniques into cooking is all that is required! It’s pretty amazing that some chicken, organic veggies and olive oil are all that’s needed to reverse course, and over time feel the effects of proper food consumption throughout our body and mind through healthy eating and living. Fat is not the enemy. Carbs are not the enemy. Protein is certainly not the enemy. Why then should we be choosing processed, 1% milk over whole milk? 1% milk is basically a shell of its former self that lacks all of the benefits of drinking it in the first place.

Ultimately, I am really looking forward to clarity and understanding not just of the processes in which food is being created now, but how to sufficiently overcome the food industry’s shortcomings and whether or not there’s hope for all of society in the future through education and reform!

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