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Hunger as a Failure of Human Decency

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Peter Menziel’s Hungry Planet Gallery synthesizes culture surrounding food and family life in a way that words themselves typically would fail to do. For one thing, the US gallery should be a lesson in excess. One can easily see the massive influence of corporate America by simply following along with the typical family of four’s excursion to the grocery store… Read more »

Thoughts on Raisins

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At first thought, a raisin seems mostly like a forgettable, diminutive sort of food, and for most of the world that’s probably true. Interestingly though, there is an entire industry surrounding their cultivation that has been in existence for decades, with years upon years of marketing ploys and product placements touting their simplistic deliciousness. Behind the simple boxes of what… Read more »

Vulnerability in Food Commodity Chains

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The Anthropocene, encompassing our impact on the world’s ecosystem and climate through human action, stands out to me in a very polarizing way, in that we have clearly monumentally altered the course of earth, and yet there is this vulnerability to the entire process that is screaming for attention. For one thing, as Michael Carolan discusses in The Real Cost… Read more »

Nutrition – Complex or Simple?

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For me, the biggest take away here is the vast amount of misinformation surrounding food and nutrition. We as a society are so wrapped up with the latest diet fads, all in an effort to lose weight quickly or look a certain way, and yet we don’t even realize by following that path, we’re basically feeding ourselves nonsensical artificial foods… Read more »