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Schedule of Classes and Assignments
Summer 2013

Summer 2013 Internet GIS course, A Term
Schedule of Classes and Assignments

Important message. Read all of it!!

This is an Internet-based course.  There will be no formal classes,  no class times and no class room meetings.  You work from the course material posted on the Internet page.  You will work on your own and submit periodically assignments to test your progress. We will, however set up Office hours where you can meet face-to-face with the TA in regards to questions you have with exercises and assignments. Office hours will be twice a week. In addition you can use “Go Post” for questions as well.

The software can be downloaded anytime from one of the websites (see the software link for details). You will receive a code that allows you to activate teh ArcGIS software so you can install it on your own computer. 

For this course you will be expected to:

Read the lecture notes for the day.
Review the ArcGIS Help files for the day's topics.
View the PowerPoint presentation for a condensed synopsis of the lecture notes.
Perform the lab exercise for the day.
Get plenty of rest.

Important Note!!! This is an ambitious schedule.  On the bright side, you are done in four weeks!!

Important Note!!! Assignments are hyperlinked below. Assignments need to be posted to Catalyst Collect It by 10:00 pm for the date listed in the schedule below. Late assignments will not be accepted.

Before you post, make sure you have read and understood the Assignment Guidelines, or you may lose points.

Text:  No text is required.  However, I do recommend that you get a copy of Maribeth Price.  “Mastering ArcGIS, 6th Ed, 2012”. McGraw Hill. Make sure it is for ArcGIS 10. It has a useful CD with Audio-visual explanations of where to find specific commands for each exercise.  The course exercises in combination with this text should help you quite a bit

If you attempt the assignments before you read about or perform the lab exercise, you will have a difficult time. Follow this suggested routine and you should have an easier (and shorter) time finishing the assignments.

Read the lecture notes and ArcGIS help topics before doing the exercise. Allow about 1-2 hours.
Do the lab exercise before attempting the assignment. Allow about 2-4 hours.
Lastly do perform the assignment. Allow about 2-5 hours.

Schedule of Classes and Assignments:

Week of quarter

Assignment Due

Lecture Topic Readings ("WWW"), and
PowerPoint Slide Shows ("PPT")
Lab Exercises
Week 1

Create a PDF file

ArcGIS Student Version Installation

WWW: Introduction
WWW: Definitions
WWW: ArcGIS Modules

PPT: Introduction to GIS

Virtural Desktop and Drive

Drive Substitution

Using ArcMap

DUE June 28

Assn 2:
Introduction to GIS


Answer Key

PPT: Introduction to ArcGIS

Introduction to ArcGIS (recording)

WWW: Getting Data Into ArcGIS
WWW: Displaying Layers
WWW: Layer Display Properties

ArcMap Basics

Week 2

DUE July 1

Assn 3:
Projections &
Data Management

Answer Key

PPT:Data Model ; Data Types // DataTypes (recording)

PPT: Project Management; Data Export

WWW: Spatial Data Model
WWW: Relational Data Model

WWW: Data Management
WWW: Data Export

Data Management


PPT: Projections & Coordinate Systems
Projections & Coordiante Systems (recording)

Demo: Dataframe and Layer Projection

WWW: Projections & Coordinate Systems

Projections & Coordinate Systems
Optional: A Projection Challenge


Assn 4:
Scale, Tables, and
Creating Feature Datasets

Answer Key

PPT: Scale and Color
Color and Scale(recording)

WWW: Creating Feature Datasets & Vector Editing
WWW: Scale Issues

Creating Feature Datasets

Week 3


Demo: Join/ Calculate Geometry/ Field add and calculator (Youtube & Handout) WWW: Creating and Modifying Tables
Creating and Modifying Tables


Assn 5:
Table & Vector Analysis


Answer Key

Vector Analysis (recording)

Demo:Vector Analysis I & II, compare and contrast

WWW: Vector Analysis 1

Vector Analysis I



WWW: Vector Analysis 2

Vector Analysis II
Week 4


Assn 6:
Raster Analysis

Answer Key

Demo: Raster Analysis I & II, Raster Calculator, Mask, and Zonal Statistics

WWW: Raster Analysis 1

Raster Analysis I
  PPT: Raster Analysis 2 WWW: Raster Analysis 2 & Data Conversion
Raster Analysis II
week 5


Assn 7: Importing Data & Model Builder

Answer Key

Finding data WWW: Data Sources
WWW: Data Import
PPT: Finding & Importing Data

Finding Data

Model Builder


Assn 8: Watershed Analysis and Surface Modeling

Answer Key

Hydrologic Modeling (Watershed Delineation) (PPT)
Watershed Modelling (recording)

WWW: Hydrologic Modeling & Watershed Delination

PPT: Hydrologic Modeling

Watershed Delineation




WWW: 3-D & Surface Modeling

3-D & Surface Modeling



WWW: Map Layouts
PPT: Map Layouts

Map Layouts


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Syllabus Schedule Class Meetings Assignments Course Data
Contact Us CFR 520 Lab Locations Software DropBox Page


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