Instagram bloggers who claim to be nutritionists and scientists who are continually conducting research to remind us of how everything is practically unhealthy: How Michael Pollan’s work challenges it all

In Pollan’s book, In Defense of Food, he elaborates on what he believes humans should eat and discusses why food and eating stand in need of defense. Most importantly he critiques the  “reductionist” approach to food, which focuses on various nutrients, rather than the holistic approach. Although his work was published before social media took off, it is still challenging the same ideology based on nutrition plastered all over Instagram, Facebook, and just about any social media platform. But now with a world consumed by bloggers, who have zero experience in the field, consumers are constantly bombarded by products and diets that are meant to help you live the healthiest life through consuming the right protein, carbs, and sugars. It was almost as if Pollan predicted that this new trend was on the rise and he quickly sat down to write this book to caution his readers and offer a different perspective. I think that this is a fascinating part of his work, where he challenges scientists, nutritionists, the overall food industry, and now bloggers, by examining the “needless complications around eating that together they have fostered” (7). In a modern world consumed by the newest fad, the best de-bloating tea, and the relentless protein powder regime, Pollan takes us back to our roots and reminds us of what is actually important to eat.

Furthermore, he works to not only challenge their approach to food, but also he aims to analyze what people should or should not be concerned with when it comes to consuming food. I think it is refreshing to see a journalist in the field, like Pollan, to not overly obsess over the nutrients and dietary side of food. Instead, he approaches food in a different manner by reminding his audience of the joy which comes from consuming food.

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