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Contemplating Action

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After hearing horror stories of the crisis in Flint, Michigan, the dark reality for those in Cape Town, South Africa, and the many other challenges that citizens in Honduras, Mozambique, and Nigeria, I realized I wanted to learn more. For our group action project, we chose to tackle the theme of water. Specifically, we decided to look into the crisis… Read more »

From Personal Realization Comes Personal Expression

The practice of cultivating self-awareness is a challenge that exists in all facets of life. In the study of world food politics, it is a practice which is vital to understanding various problems which plague our world. In our class, we have focused on a range of contemplative practices. These specific reflections have created a space which has allowed for… Read more »

Instagram bloggers who claim to be nutritionists and scientists who are continually conducting research to remind us of how everything is practically unhealthy: How Michael Pollan’s work challenges it all

In Pollan’s book, In Defense of Food, he elaborates on what he believes humans should eat and discusses why food and eating stand in need of defense. Most importantly he critiques the  “reductionist” approach to food, which focuses on various nutrients, rather than the holistic approach. Although his work was published before social media took off, it is still challenging… Read more »