Action Project Synthesis

What I learned: I think the biggest thing I learned about within the action project of this class, is that the group project dynamic we all hated in high school is not as present in college. Hearing every group present in our section yesterday, I was so impressed! Maybe it was just our group, but there were so many creative ideas, and it seemed like there was a lot of follow up within the groups and their ideas.

What I gave: Specifically, for the action project, I gave a lot of my connections and people skills. Our group attempted to put on a benefit concert, with proceeds going to Oxfam International and canned food donations going to the U District food bank. I am apart of rainy dawg radio (the student run radio show on campus) and because of that I have a lot of friends within the local art scene. I used those connections to ask around get us 5 bands and a few options for a venue. I was able to convince performers to help us out, and put on a show for charity, and they were really receptive! I even got more asks to perform from people I hadn’t reached out to. My connections even came through for us once our event was cancelled (due to electrical difficulties the day of). The following day, I saw one of the artists at the Sasquatch music festival. I got a chance to chat with them a little, and they offered for us to use their house toward the end of summer for the rescheduled event. This person, also happens to be a good friend’s roommate so I know that the offer will still stand. Be on the lookout!

How it relates: The failure of our action project was to me, a HUGE parallel of the constant failures political movements have to go through. I just watched a documentary recently about Dolores Huerta, Caesar Chavez, and the grape boycott of the 1960/70s. They had a lot of failures, within their movements, but they kept going, and that was how they became successful. They adapted, and then they made the change they were striving for. I am not saying that the grape boycott is remotely close to our action project, in scale, impact, or importance. However, I am saying that this was a good reminder to adapt and try again.

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  1. Mikaela R Steudel

    I’m glad that despite your “failed” event your action project still seemed successful! You obviously learned a lot about using your connections and gaining more connections and being flexible when needed. It’s also useful that you compared your project to Caesar Chavez and the grape boycott because it shows that you can look to more hopeful situations as inspiration. It’s good that you have a Plan B when things go wrong. Good luck for this summers event!


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