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Action Project Synthesis

What I learned: I think the biggest thing I learned about within the action project of this class, is that the group project dynamic we all hated in high school is not as present in college. Hearing every group present in our section yesterday, I was so impressed! Maybe it was just our group, but there were so many creative… Read more »

The Necessity of Contemplative Moments in Academia

I think that the concept of contemplative practices are really helpful, for allowing space to digest complicated emotions that arise when discussing the vast issues within the world food system. In conversations that center around inequality, injustice, gender, violence, poverty and capitalism; I find it a necessity to have space for each person to digest the material in their own… Read more »

Amazon: ‘Donating’ Food Waste to Families Experiencing Homelessness in Seattle.

During Mattieu’s lecture, the tweet about Amazon really stood out to me. It made me think of the AmazonGO store, and then about how they donate their expiring foods to the homeless shelter where I work. Which lead me to take a look at the social implications of donating expiring food to those who cannot afford to buy it. Looking… Read more »