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Action Project Synthesis

What I learned: I think the biggest thing I learned about within the action project of this class, is that the group project dynamic we all hated in high school is not as present in college. Hearing every group present in our section yesterday, I was so impressed! Maybe it was just our group, but there were so many creative… Read more »

Where’s the Beef, in the Freezer? An Objection to Pollan’s Diet of Frozen Steer With Purslane!

Since the 2017 fall quarter, my friends and I have been working out regularly at the IMA, putting in about 1-2 hours every day.  There, we often overhear conversations about fats, carbs, and proteins. We also talk about food a lot, and we never realized we acquired a different way of talking and thinking when it comes to food.  What… Read more »

How Clean Are We Getting?

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It’s time for spring cleaning in my house, and my roommates have already begun to break out the all-purpose cleaners, the disinfectant wipes, and the bleach. The excitement of ridding our house of dust, crumbs, and stains is intoxicating–perhaps literally. This spring, as we prepare for a deep clean. I find myself wondering what compounds and chemicals we are leaving… Read more »