Clean Water Accessibility. Fix One Factor, Fix It All

Water, one of the most common element on earth, and cover 70.8% of the earth’s surface is an important resource for the survival of all lives, including humans, and it is also the most important component of living organisms. In other words, we as human cannot leave without water. With that amount, water should not be a problem to every countries. Yet, there are differences between clean water and water, moreover,  not everyone in the earth has equal chance to obtain it. The accessibility of clean water that developed countries has is way easier than those poor and developing countries. While doing the project, we have learn how difficult is it for those countries to obtain water, walking, digging, even collect water alongside the river bank with great danger like crocodile attack and drowning. All the effort they put is to get muddy and unfiltered water, however, if they do not drink it, they die.

Working with Water1st International give us a chance to connect local to the global that help put those countries to access clean water. Clean water not only used to drink, but with a lot of benefit. In a ecosystem, everything is connected and can affect each other. In human labor perspective, no clean water means no health drink, when people drink dirty water they get sick, and eventually, the human labor is gone. No human labor, how can a country economic to be developed? When a country stop developing, where do they get income to build Infrastructure? The cycle just continuously happening. With little help from the outside world, like us, a little help can actually means a lot to them or even, change their lives! When we fix the problem in the system, naturally, the other affected element can be fix as well and ultimately, a better working system.

One of the most important thing that I learn from this project is group consensus. Without this, we won’t be able to build a good project that can connect with local, and  the whole group. When consensus is built, we get correct direction and make every agenda easier to tackle.


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