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Action Projects for Ecological Justice

What’s your water footprint? / Image found on Max Pixel (CC0) Most classes throughout my collegiate experience have, for the final tests of the quarter, subjected me to either long essays or arduous exams. Certainly, these have been somewhat conducive to my learning–writing and time-crunch skills are those that definitely don’t stop being used in life. That said, I had definitely… Read more »

Water: The Essence of Life

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Water is literally the essence of life. It is the most important substance on earth for us humans as our body needs the nourishment to function. Despite such importance, we rarely pay attention to it until our body starts to show signs of dehydration—the feeling of thirst.  The intake of water is essential on a regular basis, but we usually take… Read more »

Clean Water Accessibility. Fix One Factor, Fix It All

Water, one of the most common element on earth, and cover 70.8% of the earth’s surface is an important resource for the survival of all lives, including humans, and it is also the most important component of living organisms. In other words, we as human cannot leave without water. With that amount, water should not be a problem to every… Read more »