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After hearing horror stories of the crisis in Flint, Michigan, the dark reality for those in Cape Town, South Africa, and the many other challenges that citizens in Honduras, Mozambique, and Nigeria, I realized I wanted to learn more. For our group action project, we chose to tackle the theme of water. Specifically, we decided to look into the crisis surrounding water in relation to piping systems, water potability, and access to water.

From this group project, I realized that the most vital part was the action component. It does not matter how much time you spend researching and reading about a problem, instead, you must take the information and inspiration from your new gained knowledge and take it out into the world to make a change. I could have spent the majority of the time with my group lamenting over the crisis we are studying, or I could get up and take part in what the community around me was doing to make an impact.

This is the component which I feel many are lacking when they go out into the world and try to be of service. While it is important to remain aware of problems around the world, it is equally important, or even more so, to take action in an effort to make a difference. This is what our group tried to do because we knew that thoughts and prayers can only go so far.

We paired up with Water1st International and advertised their Carry5 Water 5K. This event raised money for their various water projects all around the world. After leaving this event, we were filled with excitement and energy, causing us to want to share the love with our peers. A few weeks later we invited our new friends at Water1st, in hopes that they could spark the same light in our student body as they did in us. The event turned out to be a success and I look forward to working with their organization again. Yet, I walk away knowing the importance of taking action and not standing by idly when there is a crisis in our world.

Please enjoy this video of our journey:

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