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The Insecurity Around Food Security

Our collective action project had nothing but high hopes and good intentions, yet just as the world would have it, things did not work out as planned. Food security is a prevalent issue that does not only affect undeveloped countries. Our hopes for this project were to shed light on the problem of food security in the city of Seattle,… Read more »

Eating: A Cultural Experience

Contemplative practices, as trivial as they may seem to others, have the power to inform in an interactive manner as well as generate thoughts about one’s role within regard to the rest of the food system. I personally have found our contemplative practices thus far to be very engaging and necessary. With an act as simple as being told to… Read more »

The Cost of Culture: Fads & The Rise of “Food”

A major concern with the incline of nutritionism in modern food systems is that there has been a perpetual shift in the science behind dietary guidelines, specifically within the last century as fads arose in Western cultures. Additionally, the assertion that food is more than just the sum of its parts in Pollan’s writing exemplifies the criticality of our own… Read more »