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Eating: A Cultural Experience

Contemplative practices, as trivial as they may seem to others, have the power to inform in an interactive manner as well as generate thoughts about one’s role within regard to the rest of the food system. I personally have found our contemplative practices thus far to be very engaging and necessary. With an act as simple as being told to… Read more »

Contemplating Political Ecology of World Food Systems

  I never would have guessed that holding a raisin in my mouth for about five minutes would change the way I can think about how and what I eat. Or, how contemplating what I ate for breakfast- a simple task could really open the door to seeing all the underlying systems and layers of politics within food. What I… Read more »

The True Value of Coffee

Working as a barista for four years has made coffee an integral part of my life. I drink up to three cups per day, am knowledgeable about different roasts, and smell like it consistently. However, I haven’t taken the time to explore where coffee beans originate from or how they are processed, even when the information is easily accessible. Instead,… Read more »