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Food waste has always been a potential issue to concern about and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is one of the biggest problem that people face in the world today.Although people now are paying more attention to the issue and are trying to improve the situation of food waste, there is still over $1 trillion value… Read more »

The “Bitterness” behind chocolate

I am a chocolate lover and I like to collect diverse brands of chocolate from different countries. I can get gratification and relaxation by just tasting the sweetness and bitterness from it. However, before this class, I have neither thought of the creation of the chocolate nor any economy and political systems that would relate to the chocolate production. One… Read more »

“Good”Food V.S “Bad”Food

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If you ask people about their opinion on a type of food, ask them whether they think the food is “good” or “bad”, you would probably get a dozen different answers. Everyone wants to eat healthy, but everyone lives in a different way and have diverse understanding on a “healthy diet”, which lead them to make different food choices! So,… Read more »