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Reevaluating the Current Food System

For my action project, I wanted to focus on food waste; more specifically, the equity and structural aspects behind food waste. The group I joined formed an organization called The Waste Busters; where we collected food surpluses from local (chain) restaurants, to donate them to organizations in need and ultimately diminish food waste within our food system. Our organization focused… Read more »

My Bitter-Sweet Relationship with Chocolate

Our contemplative practice with chocolate in Lecture 7 left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. This may be because we were ingesting raw cocoa nibs, but it was mostly due to the new information I received from this lecture that was difficult to digest. Prior to this contemplative practice, I loved eating, or baking/cooking with chocolate. I’ve always… Read more »

Evaluating the New Food-ism: “Soy Boys”

There has been a new phenomena stirring around the media, where new “research” has found that eating tofu, or other soy products, is correlated to lower levels of testosterone, and higher levels of estrogen. This belief led to the label, “soy boy”; a male who exemplifies feminine characteristics as a result of eating a lot of soy products. Soy has… Read more »