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Industrial Hemp

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Our group chose non-food agriculture as our topic, from there deciding to focus on the legalization of industrial Hemp at the federal level. Initially, our ideas for the project involved educating the public by contacting a variety of political representatives around which to base an informative panel where we would draft a variety of questions that they could then respond… Read more »

Dark Chocolate

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I’ve never liked milk chocolate; it’s too sweet, too rich, and I often find myself wishing that it was more bitter, a little saltier, mixed with caramel, or a different food entirely. Preferences differ widely; everyone has foods that if possible, they’d steer clear of without exception. Until recently, I hadn’t thought twice about my preference for dark chocolate, it… Read more »

Chocolate Ice Cream for Dinner

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My previous understanding of the holistic consequences of the Western diet was drastically challenged by Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food. Specifically, Pollan argues that analyzing the Western diet in terms of the chemical compounds of separate nutrients does not fully represent the habits and norms of the food culture itself. Often, the harmful effects of the tendencies of Western… Read more »