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A Raisin Machine and A Japanese Girls’ Farm

As seen in our first contemplative practice, Sun-Maid raisins hardly need any maids to be harvested anymore. Compared to the raisin industry a few decades ago, the industry today is largely mechanical and technical. We utilize huge harvesting tractors that do all the work of picking and sorting the grapes, and are stored in huge quantities to undergo the dehydration… Read more »

From Personal Realization Comes Personal Expression

The practice of cultivating self-awareness is a challenge that exists in all facets of life. In the study of world food politics, it is a practice which is vital to understanding various problems which plague our world. In our class, we have focused on a range of contemplative practices. These specific reflections have created a space which has allowed for… Read more »

Contemplating What Your Food Goes Through Before it Reaches Your Plate

Before this class, I had never had a professor engage students in contemplative practices. In fact, I had never heard of such a thing, so when Professor Litfin handed us raisins, turned off the lights, and read us a poem I was initially confused. Although, while sitting with the raisin in my mouth, I began to think “what goes into… Read more »