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Hunger: Why the imbalance?

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While clicking through the slide of each photo within the Hungry Planet gallery, I instantly felt a sense of sadness and even shame when I stumbled across the photo of the Aboubakar family from Eastern Chad. Their weeks’ worth of food supply was practically less than what my two-person household consumes on a daily basis. There were no processed or… Read more »

Hungry Planet; the US and Ecuador

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Comparing photos from Peter Menzel’s Hungry Planet, of both affluent and developing countries, I was instantly disturbed by the obvious differences between the United States and Ecuador. Both countries clearly differ when it comes to sustainability, wealth, and resources. In Ecuador we see food laid out on the floor of the cooking house, a bag of grains, a bag of… Read more »

Hungry Planet

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       Looking at Peter Menzel’s photos comparing the food lifestyles between people in the U.S. versus Mali, the differences were profound. With the photos featuring a sample of an American household, a week’s worth of food displays a colorful variety of different goods. While there’s a few fruit and vegetables on display, it’s dominated by the vibrant colors… Read more »

Hungry Planet

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In Peter Menzel’s photographic essay, “Hungry Planet”, the greatest difference in dietary habits was seen between the United States of America, and Chad. These countries differ drastically in their wealth, development, and resources, which is seen through this photographic essay. In the photos from the families living in the United States we see tables overflowing with food, so much so… Read more »

Hungry Planet: India & France

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In today’s monetary world, economic troubles are due to a number of political, ecological and cultural factors, where one may seemingly blame one more than the other. The international food system and political hierarchies from leader to pawn are certainly both economically intertwined on a worldwide scale. Coming from a global background, I have been able to see the effects of… Read more »

Hungry Planet: From Chad to Australia

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The Hungry Planet paper helped me to look closer at different countries and how they eat. It helped to show me how much different eating habits are across cultures, while also showing how similar others are. Families in Australia eat similar foods to the United States, where countries who do little importing eat very basic, raw type foods. It made… Read more »

Comparing Nations

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Taking a look at Peter Menzel’s online Hungry Planet gallery ,  a photographic essay on the dietary habits of families all around the world… Making a side-by-side comparison of the food cultures of the two contrasting countries, Germany (an affluent one) & Chad (a developing one), stirs up a plethora of heavy economic, political, and social subject matter and disparities simply… Read more »


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Arrayed on the table before the Guatemalan Mendoza family was a colorful bounty of fresh food for the week – tomatoes, squash, carrots, green beans, garlic, potatoes, and among other things, two large burlap sacks full of grain. In sharp contrast, the Caven family from California were the beneficiaries of an industrialized food system which processes many of the raw… Read more »

Hungry Planet

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  When we take a minute to look at these pictures side by side, several differences begin to show. The pictures show an American family and Egyptian family with the food they will consume in a week. The thing that first jumps out to me is the types of food that each family chooses to eat for a week. This… Read more »

Hungry Planet Paper: Japan and Ecuador

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Peter Menzel’s Hungry Planet depicts the various dietary and health lifestyles choices from various families around the globe. The Western diet, generally consisting of red meats, refined grains, processed foods, high fat and sugar content, as well as large food chains such as McDonalds have become popular making its way to countries like Japan, but not so much in countries… Read more »