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Do Your Part, Help Save The World

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( Climate Change is a heavily discussed and debated topic, especially in recent years. With terms frequently used throughout this course such as global warming, greenhouse gases, fuel emissions, and much more, it is clear that there is a serious problem occurring as I write this. While this topic is heavily discussed, seldom people are taking appropriate action to change… Read more »

Bees – Are they really a big deal?

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  Honey bees are an essential part of agriculture and plant life in North America, being a major pollinator of everyday foods such as cranberries, blueberries, tomatoes, apples, and numerous other crops (Schuster). Without bees, we would be left without a key pollinator and without pollination, there would be no more plants, no more animals, and no more man (Latsch)…. Read more »

Should You Go Vegan?

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Whenever I heard of someone going vegan, I always thought their reasoning was to combat animal cruelty or to simply be healthier. Naively, I never considered the environmental and ecological impact going vegan could have. While going vegan certainly is a way to ethically respond to the horrendous treatment of livestock and other farm animals used for food, there are… Read more »

Not Just a Pretty Flower

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While some may think of the poppy flower as a nice addition to a bouquet or just a pretty flower, it is not only that. The poppy is a flower, a crop, a drug, and a socio environmental factor that connects climate change and conflict in Afghanistan. The rise of opium and the associated epidemic is all too familiar in… Read more »

Hunger: Why the imbalance?

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While clicking through the slide of each photo within the Hungry Planet gallery, I instantly felt a sense of sadness and even shame when I stumbled across the photo of the Aboubakar family from Eastern Chad. Their weeks’ worth of food supply was practically less than what my two-person household consumes on a daily basis. There were no processed or… Read more »

Children Going Hungry

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Have you ever experienced hunger? Of course you have. But have you ever experienced the kind of chronic hunger where you can’t physically move because you have no energy? Where you can’t go to school or your job? Where you are so terrified because you know you are a few short days away from death? Malnutrition and hunger affect about… Read more »

Are We Doomed?

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  Have you ever wondered what kind of era or epoch we live in today? To be honest, I never have. We often hear the term, “end of an era”, but we hardly ever actually hear that era being labeled a specific word or term. For those of you who are now curious, we are currently living in the Anthropocene…. Read more »

American’s and Their Food Consumption

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While food is clearly a crucial aspect of living, it seems that it has become so engrained into our (American’s) everyday lives that it is often not thought about in a deeper level. The role of food in our society and how it has, in a way, controlled our lives since the very beginning of our kind it quite thought… Read more »