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In the Era of Global Warming…We Can No Longer Afford to Think and Act Only Locally

With all the factors that influence climate change and the perception that individual choices have marginal effect in the grand scheme of things, it’s understandable why the issue of climate change seems to be constantly swept under the rug.  In northern regions where contributions to global warming have been significant, the impacts felt thus far have been minimal enabling us… Read more »

We are like seeds.

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Kimmey, Katelin. Seed of a Soul. 2013. Photograph. Flickr.com8.15.2017 Seeds are resilient, when talking about gardening my brother once said, ‘I always just plant seeds and somehow almost every seed comes up and it amazes me every time’.  Every year when little plants start to push their way through the dirt I remember his words.  However, a seed can do… Read more »

Watch Your Step

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The carbon footprint we are collectively leaving on the world is actively and increasingly destabilizing the climate (Litfin) and the severity of human intervention in nature and natural processes has created equally severe consequences that need to begin reversal, if that is even possible. In Lester Brown’s Full Planet, Empty Plates, he highlights the effects of exponential human population growth… Read more »

The Anthropocene Period

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The interconnectedness of the topics discussed in the course thus far offer a thought provoking global view on the future of the human species on Earth. The issues of populations growth, the recognition of the impact that we have on our ecosystem, the global food system, and the water and ecological footprint we are leaving on our planet, are huge… Read more »

Vulnerability in Food Commodity Chains

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The Anthropocene, encompassing our impact on the world’s ecosystem and climate through human action, stands out to me in a very polarizing way, in that we have clearly monumentally altered the course of earth, and yet there is this vulnerability to the entire process that is screaming for attention. For one thing, as Michael Carolan discusses in The Real Cost… Read more »

Are We Doomed?

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  Have you ever wondered what kind of era or epoch we live in today? To be honest, I never have. We often hear the term, “end of an era”, but we hardly ever actually hear that era being labeled a specific word or term. For those of you who are now curious, we are currently living in the Anthropocene…. Read more »