The Guilt in our Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate


We seldom think about where our food comes from. We enjoy chocolate because of its sweetness, its rich flavor, and its overall appeal as our guilty pleasure. What we fail to realize is the hard work that goes into the chocolate-making process. This makes me reflect on how we abuse animals for our personal consumption. In this story; however, the focus here is on the inability to sympathize with laborers who toil day in and day out just to provide the beans that would later become our chocolates.
What I learned is that we should be sensitive and more aware about the harsh reality that exists. In the video, African cocoa farms employ children. They should be going to school, learning about life, and enjoying chocolate themselves. They shouldn’t be in the fields doing dangerous tasks just to make a living. This is what the world needs to learn. It needs to be aware of what torture we are inducing to our children. We unknowingly support this activity because of the simple fact that we are unaware. We enjoy the chocolate that is produced.
Because of this, I am now more aware about the reality of life and I am more appreciative of how things are. The guilt in our guilty pleasures indeed becomes more than just a sensation; it is an eye-opener that really promotes the growth we need in a society filled with insensitivity.



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