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Action Projects for Ecological Justice

What’s your water footprint? / Image found on Max Pixel (CC0) Most classes throughout my collegiate experience have, for the final tests of the quarter, subjected me to either long essays or arduous exams. Certainly, these have been somewhat conducive to my learning–writing and time-crunch skills are those that definitely don’t stop being used in life. That said, I had definitely… Read more »

Realizations Regarding Raisins

In our class, our professor has incorporated so-called “contemplative practices” into our lectures. These are short periods in class wherein we take a moment to slow down and really try to be mindful of ourselves, our surroundings, and the things we are learning. Although I was skeptical at first, I ended up being prove wrong. In particular, there is one… Read more »

Taking Nutrition With a Grain of Salt

Food: when you hear the word, what do you think of? A favorite food, or a reason to be social? Or do you instead think of food as a barrier to your health–do you view food strictly in terms of carbs and calories? Michael Pollan, a famous author, journalist, and professor, tells us in his book, In Defense of Food, we may… Read more »