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Are We Underestimating Food Waste ?

“In the US, 40% of food produced goes to waste” ( Is the food waste crisis underestimating? My group was eager to investigate food waste issues on campus, particularly UW dining, Starbuck and UW Sustainability. Hence, we started to interview experts in the field to clearly understand what the University of Washington has done in responsibility for food waste issues…. Read more »

Hydropower Clean Energy: The impact of Lancang Dams in Mekong River threaten Southeast Asia’s food insecurity.

I have written a few contemplated reflections before, but this class’s focus on fossil fuel contemplation has really caught my attention. There are many talks right now about substituting fossil fuel with electricity as vehicles’ main source of energy. The rise of electric cars, especially the Tesla models, is an example. Although electric energy is usually viewed as a clean… Read more »

The Emerging of Fast Food Industry and Obesity in Vietnam

Due to my experience growing up in the emerging fast food industry period in Vietnam. Nutritionism is not only the problem in the United States but also in developing countries, Southeast Asia, Vietnam. Recently, Vietnam’s first McDonald’s restaurant officially opened in 2014, a vast of people lined up to try the most iconic American meal. The McDonald restaurants also offer… Read more »