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Global Topics to Local Action

At first, I was cautious about whether my groupmates and I were all on board to focus on Food Security as our topic.  I worried that I would not be able to contribute as much as I would like due to my lack of knowledge about the field, as well as the wide variety of politics surrounding food as I learned… Read more »

Is International Trade Perpetuating Poverty?

One of the contemplative practices we conducted was with chocolate. We were given both a piece of chocolate as it would be bought in western world, rich, creamy, and very sweet. Then we were given a piece of raw cocoa, it was bitter, earthy, and coarse. When I ate the piece of cocoa although I enjoyed this new unique flavor,… Read more »

The Emerging of Fast Food Industry and Obesity in Vietnam

Due to my experience growing up in the emerging fast food industry period in Vietnam. Nutritionism is not only the problem in the United States but also in developing countries, Southeast Asia, Vietnam. Recently, Vietnam’s first McDonald’s restaurant officially opened in 2014, a vast of people lined up to try the most iconic American meal. The McDonald restaurants also offer… Read more »