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The Meat Up

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This group project was definitely a roller coaster just as others have probably said but through out the experience I feel that I learned quite a lot. Our group focused on why sustainable farming and a reductionist take on meat should be used to end industrial farming for good. We had some setbacks through out this journey and I think… Read more »

Where Does Cocoa Come From?

When you think of products you purchase at stores you do not really think about where the actual ingredients come from but instead you just think it comes from just a factory. But the ingredients that are used to make these refined goods come from all around the world. Professor Liftin had us participate in a contemplative practice where we… Read more »

Has The Western Diet Led Us to Nutritionism?

The view on food has changed drastically through out the past 10-20 years and one of the main things it has picked up is the idea of nutritionism. With the western diet causing so many issues to the health of thousands in the US, nutritionism has impacted society in a positive but also negative way. Nutritionism has been portrayed by… Read more »