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Taking Action Against Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is an issue that plagues most of the impoverished people of the world today (HDCs included). Due to this, I decided to join with 4 other individuals in combating food insecurity. The main objectives of our group were simple: find stores or restaurants which would normally throw away extra food, and use that food to create a shared… Read more »

Consumers’ Role in the Industrialized Food System

In the first contemplative practice, the first thing I thought about was how healthy this raisin was for me. As a health-conscious individual, I knew that this processed raisin had some nutritional value. And then it dawned on me: as much as we like to associate industrialized food systems with words such as “processed” and “unhealthy”, we can also associate… Read more »

The Flaws within Michael Pollan’s book “In Defense of Food”

Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food tackles the issue at the heart of America’s health problems today: Nutritionism. Throughout the book, Pollan mentions how the science behind Nutritionism is flawed, saying that “Few scientists ever look back to see where they and their paradigms might have gone astray…” Later, Pollan explains how Gary Taubes “blew the whistle on the science… Read more »