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Global Topics to Local Action

At first, I was cautious about whether my groupmates and I were all on board to focus on Food Security as our topic.  I worried that I would not be able to contribute as much as I would like due to my lack of knowledge about the field, as well as the wide variety of politics surrounding food as I learned… Read more »

Taking Action Against Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is an issue that plagues most of the impoverished people of the world today (HDCs included). Due to this, I decided to join with 4 other individuals in combating food insecurity. The main objectives of our group were simple: find stores or restaurants which would normally throw away extra food, and use that food to create a shared… Read more »

Approaching apathy through systems thinking

Apathy: one of the biggest issues facing the fulfillment of our shared civic responsibility. People don’t think that their vote or their action can make a difference, and thus they don’t utilize their individual power to spark change. That being said, this week’s readings and lectures have caused me to— rightfully so— question the individualistic rhetoric surrounding apathy. The juxtaposition… Read more »