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The Problem of Food Waste

For our action project, my group and I focused on food waste, as it is a very prominent problem in the world food system. We wanted to tackle this problem both locally and globally to inform the public on what food waste is, how it is a problem, how it impacts the global community, and how students can take action… Read more »

Taking Action Against Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is an issue that plagues most of the impoverished people of the world today (HDCs included). Due to this, I decided to join with 4 other individuals in combating food insecurity. The main objectives of our group were simple: find stores or restaurants which would normally throw away extra food, and use that food to create a shared… Read more »

Amazon: ‘Donating’ Food Waste to Families Experiencing Homelessness in Seattle.

During Mattieu’s lecture, the tweet about Amazon really stood out to me. It made me think of the AmazonGO store, and then about how they donate their expiring foods to the homeless shelter where I work. Which lead me to take a look at the social implications of donating expiring food to those who cannot afford to buy it. Looking… Read more »