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Unwrapping Chocolate

During the contemplative practice on chocolate, my thinking focused on the origins of the cacao and how I take my ability to indulge for granted. Overall, the practice made me feel guilty. I contemplated swearing off chocolate, but couldn’t entertain the idea for long and tried to forget the practice. However, when examining the variation of typical foods in a… Read more »

How a Little Raisin Went a Long Way

When living in such a fast-paced, rapidly globalized world, I find it difficult to cultivate a sense of self-awareness about issues that blur past me. Even when educated on contentious and deleterious topics, I find it rather arduous to be exceedingly concerned about global problems that don’t directly affect me. It’s not because I hold apathy for pressing issues, but… Read more »

The Dehydrated Grape is More Than a Dehydrated Grape

Partaking in the contemplative practices is an interesting experience.  I’ve found that it requires me to step back and not take myself too seriously.  It’s kind of ridiculous in the same way that volunteering at a preschool is.  Sometimes you have to do weird dances or walk like a bear with preschoolers, and I feel the same inhibitions in these… Read more »

What’s Behind a Raisin?

Most of the contemplative practices we’ve done in class have been insightful and useful to me. The most impactful one was the one where we had the raisins and were thinking about industrialized food. It helped to put food in perspective for me and think about how such a simple food could have so much processes and workers and miles… Read more »

Why Raisins?

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How can the thought of a raisin be thought-provoking? Experiencing my first, true contemplative practice, I assumed the intention of the activity would be silly or farfetched. Without any actual context, all the students in the lecture put the raisin in their mouths. Throughout the contemplative practice, I could completely centralize my thinking to the topic of the raisin. The… Read more »

Petrol for…Raisins…

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Contemplation and self-reflection are not unusual for me. However, food is not something that I have dedicated a great deal of thought to. I tend to be very functional in my approach to what I eat, regarding it simply as fuel. Recently, during a guided contemplation regarding our industrialized food system that employed the particularly mindful enjoyment of a single… Read more »

Thoughts on Contemplative Practices

      In general, I have not felt that the contemplative practices we have done throughout class have been overtly helpful in enhancing my relationship with the course material. I think the main reason I feel this way is due to the fact that I have been exposed to much of the material throughout my time here at UW;… Read more »