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What are the Bees Telling Us?

For our Group Action Project, we wanted to host a public screening of the documentary Queen of the Sun: What are the Bees Telling Us? on the HUB lawn one evening so that people could become well informed on the issues surrounding Honey Bees while also enjoying a nice evening outside! We had partnered with the University of Washington’s Beekeeping… Read more »

Local Solutions to Food Waste

My group’s action project on food waste ended up (after a bit of re-calibrating) being the creation of a website to spread awareness of how much food goes to waste, and the effects of this waste. We also focused on a few groups that are doing their part in reducing food waste – Imperfect Produce, and UW Campus Sustainability funded… Read more »

Imperfect Produce in Action

What is food and how is it part of a larger system? This is the question that we have been learning about all quarter long and what my action project group decided to explore through food waste. Before I took on this project food as waste was merely the cuisine that I was unable to finish at the dinner table. I had… Read more »

Food Waste: Uneaten Matters

Throughout this course, I have learned so much about how the food system correlates and intersects with politics and overall it was super interesting to learn about. Through my group’s action project on food waste, I have learned that the U.S “wastes, or loses, anywhere between 33 and 50% of all food that is produced annually (Carolan, 126). This is… Read more »

Music For World Hunger

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Hunger has been a prevalent topic in this course.  Over the last 10 weeks we’ve seen plenty of examples of how hunger effects people across the world (The hungry planet, Kenyan farmers eating grasshoppers in off seasons, King Corn, etc.)  World hunger is a big problem and initially our group wasn’t sure how the 6 of us were supposed to… Read more »

Food Conscientiousness Can Reduce Food Waste

Food waste is an on-going affair that plagues all parties involved with the food system in either a direct or in-direct manner. My group’s interest in food waste arose when we heard the stat that 15% reduction in food waste could feed 25 million more Americans each year. To put that into another context, that means that food insecurity in… Read more »

The Answer was in the Action

Every student in college has experienced some sort of group project where one person feels like they are doing most of the work, or simply experienced not the best group dynamics. Learning to be part of a group is a lesson in itself and teaches much more than the content of the project sometimes. Sometimes we get super lucky and… Read more »

Taking Action Against Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is an issue that plagues most of the impoverished people of the world today (HDCs included). Due to this, I decided to join with 4 other individuals in combating food insecurity. The main objectives of our group were simple: find stores or restaurants which would normally throw away extra food, and use that food to create a shared… Read more »