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World Hunger Benefit Concert: Explained

This project was one of my first experiences planning an event for a large group of people. I learned just how many moving parts needed to be organized in order for everything to go according to plan. Unfortunately, after all of our planning we had to cancel the event because our venue pulled out. The big lesson we learned was… Read more »

Save the Bees

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This quarter, my group and I had the opportunity to learn about on pollinations, with a focus on the collapse of bee colonies. Honey bees are responsible for pollinating and producing 1/3 of the fruits and vegetables, and they have been disappearing as a fast rate. To put this in even more perspective, more than 10 million beehives were lost… Read more »

The Accountability We Ultimately Must Bear

Many college students may feel disconnected with the topic of trade because of their perceived inability to influence it. However, our project demonstrates that there are many ways, in which students can get involved locally to influence this global issue. Specifically, we utilized a forum in the format of a podcast to proliferate the knowledge we gained in our discussions… Read more »

Hunger In America

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For our Group Action Project, my group focused on interacting with the organization (FareStart) to get resources that would support to achieve our goal of spreading awareness. My group members kept trying to contact them to receive their answer, but we realize that communication between individuals and corporation is not secure as much as we expected. We as students recognized… Read more »

And That’s A Wrap!

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Water is one of earth’s most precious resources, and it is dwindling at a rapid rate. In an industrialized world that demands water for nearly every activity, this spells disaster. Edging closer to the brink of a global water crisis as each day passes, my group action project wanted to confront the personal issues that contribute to this hostile climate:… Read more »

Beef consumption as global drivers

After finishing the action project there are multitude of learning experiences that I extracted from the month of work and preparation. I learned that planning a project is rather easy, but coordinating the logistics to ensure that your vision comes to life can be much more difficult than anticipated. Collective action is vital to creating the systemic change that our… Read more »

Final Thoughts on the Quarter

Throughout this quarter we dealt with a ride range of topics, from palm oil, to food accessibility, to the American diet. Throughout all these different topics, the theme of systems and coordination persevered. Never did we learn about a topic that stood alone, instead, each topic flowed into one another and we uncovered the interconnectedness of even the smallest things…. Read more »

Storm Clouds Gathering: Action Project.

Storm Clouds Gathering: Action Project. Addressing the issue of storm water was a great topic for me and my group. Growing up in South Africa water has always been a crucial resource and one that had to be conserved, not taken for granted. Moving to study in the Pacific Northwest i had never seen so much fresh water in my… Read more »

Group Division of Labor: An Insight Into the Global Hunger Debate

Through our group action project, I learned that individual strengths can lead to divisions of labor that are sometimes hard to equalize. I feel this way because I realized that my shortcomings as an organizer and the limits of my time resulted in a less equal contribution than I would have normally expected of myself. I tried to make up… Read more »

Action takes a lot of thought

Food insecurity touches so many other issues that are both region specific, and global. It exacerbates immigration conflicts, worker’s rights, land disputes, environmental degradation, refugee crisis’s, gender issues, trade, and global security. Our group chose to tie food insecurity to local immigration issues. Immigration is obviously a highly political issue right now because of the administration’s brutal policies, and Washington… Read more »